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How to switch the best personal hygiene products in your working place?

While the current pandemic waves still affect millions of people globally, certain normalization processes take place in certain measures, especially in workplaces. Looking for personal hygiene supplies in Dubai region, check out our below article for suggestions and best practices for workplace and personal hygiene products Dubai.

Your personnel, temps, clients, visitors can be at all risk of contamination, and this kind of incidence may affect your reputation and business flow.

We are here to provide information and suggestions on all personal hygiene supplies Dubai for your office to comply with Covid-19 measures, ensure your environment’s safety and sustain continuous personal hygiene 24/7.

Did you switch to Auto Hand Soap Dispensers and Auto Hand Sanitizers?

Throughout the day, individuals in offices touch several items, exchange documents, take lunch breaks, and go back to their stations. If you think, contact surfaces that can spread pathogens are limitless.

However, diligent hand washing and sanitizing is the number one priority in commonly used places. In order to ensure hygiene all-time in places with multiple users (such as office toilets and diners), the best solution will be switching to non-contact auto hand dispensers and auto sanitizers.

To trigger a sufficient amount of liquid, you place your hands in front of the dispensing outlet. This system protects the social distance, eliminates the possibility of touching the surface, and reduces the amount of hygiene product wasted.

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What about air fresheners and cleaners?

Air purifiers intensely help refresh the environment air, lowering the risk of health problems posed by indoor pollution, which can higher the risks of contamination in a closed areas. Alpha Pro’s high-quality air purifiers eliminate a variety of indoor air pollutants in rooms, offices and large facilties.

Try out professional surface sanitation services

Did you hire professional sanitation services to clean surfaces and premises with high human traffic to eradicate bacteria and viruses?

Office workstations, conference rooms, reception and counters, office furniture, and lifts are all hotspots. We can assist you with a misting application for disinfection solutions that are both safe and effective.

Don’t forget to prepare your PPE kits

Personal hygiene can be maintained with ongoing care and personal habits. If you want to help, your employees strengthen their daily personal hygiene habits, prepare ready-to-use desks consisting of PPE kits, gloves, masks, and hand sanitizers for your office and facility’s entry and exit points. You can extend the personal hygiene products lists based on your office, workplace or factory needs.

If you are searching for personal hygiene products Dubai, contact the Alpha Pro team right away!