About Us

Alpha Pro was founded in 2015 and is in Dubai. Alpha Pro serves many renowned governments and large corporations. Dedicated and intelligent teamwork, best quality products, low price, import and export of products, delivery of all food and non-food items in the country and the rest of the world, strong logistic team, and delivery in 24/7 days a week.
Alpha Pro benefits from a worldwide professional network. The company delights in maintaining close relationships with global companies and being at the forefront as a sourcing partner.

Nothing is beyond us. You can count on us as a reliable source for the supply of products, equipment and consumables. Regardless of your public or private dimension and the sectors in which you operate, we can help your company to source the right products. Check out the services offered. And let's talk.


At Alpha Pro, we search, purchase, consolidate, document, and organize transport to any destination in the world. Our customers improve their efficiency by focusing on their core business by outsourcing the purchasing function to Alpha Pro. As a global trading company, we can offer any commercial or industrial product at competitive prices with immediate delivery.
At Alpha Pro, we understand the relationship between product quality and customer service due to our high level of reliability and the positive impact it has on our customers' business. Today, the UAE prides itself on our ability to provide excellent service with cutting-edge technology and world-class quality and to be successful in all industries and sectors.

Alpha Pro also offers state-of-the-art processing services, a 24-hour emergency call service, custom packaging, and same-day order dispatch. As a seasoned professional in the industry, customers around the world trust us for excellent results. Alpha Pro does not compromise on quality.

Alpha Pro focus on achieving exceptional customer satisfaction in an attractive and safe environment that is implemented continuously through innovative products and tools from our talented and trusted professionals.

We have a strong logistics team that ensures every client gets what they request without delay. Our technical team is committed and smart. Every department in Alpha Pro works for one thing: Excellent Customer Satisfaction. And that's why we are not your regular supplier but the best!


Our Products and Services include:


Facilities Management


Safety & Hygiene


Office Supplies


Building Materials &


Kitchen & Pantry


Technical Services


Industrial Spare Parts


Water Purifier


Corporate &
Promotional Gifts


Import & Export


Foodstuff, Fruits &


Customized Trading