Facilities Management

At Alpha Pro, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional products for all of your facility management needs. Alpha Pro. Our products delivered with enthusiasm, which sets us apart as industry specialists.

Alpha Pro is a UAE-based trading company, deals with products, accessories, and tools that you need for facility management. Alpha Pro offers world-class facilities management products that you need for residential, school, college, commercial, retail, and infrastructure sectors.


Safety & Hygiene

At Alpha Pro, we are leaders in the UAE in hygiene & safety product solutions and equipment. We recognized for the value, quality, and experience we provide to our customers.

We are honored to be trusted experts in complete hygiene and cleaning solutions in the many schools, academic institutions, industries, home and office segments.

Office Supplies

At Alpha Pro, we make every office products through our top-quality supplies. As a brand that understands the significance of a well-equipped and managed workspace, we have the right eye for the best quality to develop an exemplary office. Thus, it's unsurprising that Alpha Pro has been a reliable source of general office products. Our brand connected to renowned office supplies developers locally and internationally. For this reason, we always come through for our clients, regardless of their specified demands.


Best Supplies for a Befitting Office

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Set School Standard Straight

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Building Materials & Hardware

We are committed to providing courteous service and high-quality products to our valued customers. Let our experts help you identify the items you need. Alpha Pro is one of the largest sources of commercial building materials and has been serving the needs of industrial customers in the industry since 2015. With premium construction materials and Alpha Pro service, we ensure that our clients' projects are executed correctly at all times. Clients can rest assured that their work is done with the best products, and by some of the most experienced professionals in the industry.

Kitchen & Pantry Supplies

As Complete Trading Solutions, Alpha Pro wide-ranging list of services include kitchen and pantry supplies. Our experienced team sources all forms of foods and non-food items from local regions and across the world. Considering that customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities at Alpha Pro, we duly note every customer’s request and provide their needs in the right order and well-packaged form.

Extensive kitchen supplies

Get your kitchen the ideal food items

Give your kitchen a touch of class