Safety & Hygiene

Safety & Hygiene

At Alpha Pro, we are leaders in the UAE in hygiene & safety product solutions and equipment. We are recognized for the value, quality, and experience we provide to our customers.

We follow to be trusted experts in complete hygiene and cleaning solutions in the many schools, academic institutions, industries, home and office segments. We are on a mission to achieve better results for a clean and hygienic workspace.

We are currently supplying our safety & hygiene products and merchandise to companies, hotels, apartments, schools, academic institutions, offices, real estate, gyms, the food industry, offices, and restaurants.

Office supplies for efficient work environment

We offer a wide variety of health and safety products, which is why we're fully stocked with multiple hygiene product options that fit your budget. As our customer, we assure you to be spoilt for choice on the many products we offer.

At Alpha Pro, we take care of your hands. In that regard, we offer different soap dispensing equipment that provides non-contact methods that eliminate the risk of cross-contamination by providing reliable dispensing ways that encourage frequent hand washing.

Safety and hygiene products for workplace

We also offer automatic sanitation systems to keep surfaces clean and continuously treat pipes and drains to prevent the gradual build-up of germs and bacteria.
Above all, we are professional, friendly, and value our customers in high regard. We constantly adapt the prices to your budget for your ideal hygienic environment.

Our products include masks, PPE kits, gloves, facemasks, air fresheners, sanitizers, hand soaps, building & toilet cleaning products, tools & accessories, signboards, barriers, padding products, stickers, bandages, first aid kits, Garbage bags, rubber bands or twist ties, Lime oil (removes grease, sap & soot), shower caps, toilet papers, detergents, Sanitary pads (Disposable & reusable), Nail clippers, etc.