water purifying system

Alpha Pro offers high-quality water treatment systems when it comes to problems with filtering or cleaning water. Alpha Pro is an independent company with many years of experience. We offer our valued customers the best advice and guarantee of professional service.

At Alpha Pro, we offer excellent service for home users and business-to-business companies to ensure the safety and reliability of our products. We also have an unparalleled comprehensive support service with total customer satisfaction.


Import & Export

Across the United Arab Emirates and beyond, Alpha Pro is a reputable brand that specializes in the importation and exportation of goods. We hold licenses and endorsement from ministries, Chamber of Commerce, Customs, Embassies, Municipalities and other relevant compliance/approval authorities.

  • World Class Importation Service

  • Seemless Exportation Service

  • Special Product Deliveries


Customized Trading

Alpha Pro is not only known as the Complete Trading Solutions for publicity's sake; we are a one-stop-shop for human needs because we truly deliver every client's request. Our many years of experience and far-reaching connections worldwide makes us your best platform to get any material, accessory, a fixture that you need. Also, we ensure that you don't have to walk around to find capable hands for your service needs. With our experienced heads, getting professional hands to provide top-quality service is within our reach.

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  • Interested in Cross-trading? We are your plug.