Foodstuff, Fruits & Vegetables

Foodstuff, Fruits & Vegetables

Alpha Pro is an established name in the UAE of foodstuff, fruits and vegetables in UAE. We have steadily grown in scope, size, and reputation. Alpha Pro firmly believes that healthy living should be promoted amongst all. We will continue to provide the UAE with fresh and natural foodstuff, fruits and vegetables at affordable rates.

Getting foodstuff, fresh and hygienic fruits and vegetables is the biggest priority of today’s customers. The team at Alpha Pro is aware of the need for safe and fresh foodstuff, fruits and vegetables for today’s people; therefore, we deliver the best quality of it.


We are committed to building good customer service and providing our customers with high-quality products. Our cold storage can store all types of temperature-controlled fruits and vegetables, thereby giving our customers direct access to some of the finest fresh produce in the world. Our result-driven logistics team and delivery is always available 24x7 to deliver your fresh produce to your doorstep.

At Alpha Pro, we comply with the local, state, and federal regulations on importers of fresh produce to the UAE. We ensure that we comply with any rule or strategy that will bring about sustainable revenue and growth to our company and customers.